Tracking technology to locate your loved ones.

Customizable Safety Zones
QR Identifier Tags
Accessories They Won't Lose
Real-Time GPS Tracking
Instant Alerts

Real-time GPS Tracking

Our Easy2Find GPS Device

The Easy2Find uses modern tracking technology called AGPS (assisted GPS) to accurately locate your loved ones. TheEasy2Find sends your loved ones' locations to our website every 5 minutes, where we plot their location on a map for easy access.

QR Identifier Tags

For a speedy recovery

QR tags are square barcodes that can be scanned by any smartphone and provide information to the people who scan them.

Choose what contact information or instructions to share when your loved one's QR Tag is scanned.

Our tags also have instructions and a short website link that can be visited instead, in case someone doesn't know how to scan them.

Accessories They Won't Lose

Designed for individual needs

Each of our QR Tags is designed to meet specific preferences we've seen in loved ones. Choose one that is best suited for the needs of your loved one. Have them wear it daily so that if they get lost or wander, their QR tag can be scanned and they can be located. Our QR products include:

  • Iron-on Patches
  • Rubber Bracelets - available in both child and adult sizes
  • Shoe Tags - compatible with shoe-laces and Velcro straps
  • Self-adhesive Stickers
  • Classic Tags with Ball Chains

Check out our products that come in several colors, sizes, and styles.

Customizable Safety Zones

Draw boundaries on a map

Enter the address of any location and draw a circle around it on a map to let us know where you want your loved ones to be at any given time.

We'll send you a text message if we find them outside of that circle. Use multiple safety zones on a regular schedule or easily change them from day to day.

Instant Alerts

No more waiting

Know when your loved one has been scanned or has left a safety zone by receiving an instant alert via text and email. Follow the link in the text or email and it will take you to a map that pinpoints precisely where you loved one is located.

Easy to Use Website

Access their location from any device

Access our website from any Smartphone, tablet, or computer to view your account. Easily find your loved ones' recent locations or where they have been scanned. View their location on a map and have directions straight to where they are. Need to change a safety zone? Simply log on to our website and draw a new one for that day’s activities.

We'll get you set up in minutes and the website will walk you through the process.